It is well known that renowned heavyweight boxers Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz have had a number of ups and downs in their careers and lives.

Like everyone.

Ruiz a former heavyweight champion on the comeback trail at this particular time.

Fury the current lineal champion looking to secure an undisputed fight.

While a match between the two could be possible one day, certainly it is unlikely for the immediate future with both men on different paths at this point.

Both have exhibited admirable comeback stories in their own way in recent times.

Speaking while next to one another to boxing fans in Las Vegas this appears to have gone down very well with fight fans and the American public indeed:

(Hat tip EsNews YouTube)

The art of the comeback right there. Very good.

Fury is currently in talks to stage an undisputed heavyweight title fight with fellow British boxer Anthony Joshua.

Ruiz takes on Chris Arreola next up on May 1st.

Provided both win, they could certainly meet in the future.

Down the line.


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