Andy Ruiz Weight 6 Weeks Out From Arreola Fight

Former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz is now approaching the hard yards of his fight preparations for Chris Arreola on May 1st.

An all-Mexican blood and guts battle in what should promise fireworks while it lasts.

It has been widely reported that Ruiz’ weight is 257 lbs. six weeks out from fight night.

Not a bad weight but certainly, not a time for him to take the foot off the gas at the moment.

One can recall him losing a lot of weight early in a training camp before only to pile it back on near the end before the fight.

This doesn’t appear to be the case at all however.

He’s redistributed fat into muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.

Also, there is a long way to go until fight night. The main thing is for him to enjoy the boxing and training and whatever the weight falls it, it falls at.

Diet is key obviously and it will be exciting to see how the new first version of Ruiz 2.0 fights on May 1st.