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Look, we don’t play the matchmaker anymore on here for the most part.

Or bother with predictions as too many of them were coming true too fast every day now.

That said, one couldn’t help recently thinking of a potential match in boxing that would put a fair measuring gauge and parameter on this increasing YouTube boxer trend.

Trends often come and go and like the ways of the world, irrelevant in that regard but at the moment, the Paul brothers appear to be here to stay in boxing. Well, one of them at least.

For now.

Being involved in media and boxing for nearly a decade now, one sees many things come and go. Only a few ever stay though or last the test of time.

Particularly over the last year one can see the people that came through the carnage of it are now stronger than ever.


Pound For Pound Ranked Champion Gets Into Altercation

Pound For Pound Ranked Champion Gets Into Altercation

Jake Paul while he gets a lot of criticism appears to be at least taking the training in the sport seriously.

After some reprehensible behavior towards Conor McGregor and his wife to get himself on the map he now has settled down into his work.

With that being said, until the point he gets in there with a genuine professional boxer, one has to respectfully balance all these numbers with healthy caveats.

Mainly that this is entertainment. Nothing more. It is not World Championship boxing. People with enough intellect understand that.

Regarding these Pauls, potentially a good match would be against the Diaz brothers.

Two fighters from the world of mixed martial arts. Both Nick and Nate Diaz have very strong boxing skills.

Regarding Nick, former pound for pound number one Andre Ward said previously that he could have been a professional boxer if he wanted.

Done so after sparring with him a number of times.

Moreover, it would generate meaningful interest and sensible revenue for the participants.

One would suspect the Diaz brothers would happily oblige such an endeavor too.

Certainly if they were compensated appropriately for their time and expertise.

A fair test of the Pauls boxing ability and something fight fans would enjoy.


Mayweather Getting Ready For Logan Paul After Jake Paul Knockout

Mayweather Getting Ready For Logan Paul After Jake Paul Knockout

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