Logan Paul Cryptic Tweet At Floyd Mayweather After Jake Paul Knockout

A proposed Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul boxing match, of some nature, looks to be still a distinct possibility for this year.

Both big names in American sport and popular culture, and worldwide, furthermore.

Despite the many naysayers against America and Americans over the years from the rest of the world, the last decade or more perhaps, the reality is many of them are just jealous of America. Very easy to see through.

That’s where the premier nation for sport, media and popular culture is at the end of the day.

Isn’t it funny.

They are not laughing at Americans now, always looking for help and handouts from America when times get tough and bad in the world. Disloyalty or betrayal is never rewarded however. Only disciplined and punished. Same old same old. Predictable. It was always the way.

Certainly in the sport of boxing in America, nationwide, States and cities across the country are beginning to see a resurgence in the sport.

As is all commercial industry.

While fights like Mayweather vs Paul in boxing are not for the purist fan, per se, they will grow the sport to new audiences across the country and indeed worldwide.


Mayweather Getting Ready For Logan Paul After Jake Paul Knockout

Mayweather Getting Ready For Logan Paul After Jake Paul Knockout

As, everyone takes the lead from America ultimately when it comes to the most sincere form of flattery there is, immitation.

Mayweather and Paul know this is not the way to the top however and being original is the only way to be the best at anything.

While it won’t be much of a contest if Mayweather lands anything meaningful and flattens his much bigger, younger and stronger foe, Paul doesn’t seem to think so:

Look, you can’t blame this guy for banging the drum on this.

A big pot of gold awaits no doubt if they can secure this endeavor.

If Mayweather decides to actually start throwing proper punches one suspects a first round body shot knockout could be on the cards.

If he does that at any point in the fight that’s it for Paul.


A Diaz Brothers vs Paul Brothers Boxing Showdown

A Diaz Brothers Vs Paul Brothers Boxing Showdown