Philadelphia’s Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.

Remember the name.

Many in the sport of boxing had tipped him as a future star in the making but this weekend he really established himself.

Scoring a stoppage win over Sergey Lipinets improved his professional boxing record to 27-0-25 KO.

Here’s how he did it:

Some fans have called for a fight against Virgil Ortiz next up.

Whatever the case might be in terms of next opponent, big things are ahead for Ennis.

Once again, another one of the young guns in boxing bringing the sport into the next generation of new boxing stars.

And, helping continuing boxing’s momentum as a sport. Overcoming challenging times for the world. On its own as a sport in this regard during this past twelve months or so in the current world situation.

The new young boxing stars have been key to this.

The fight ability and determination of some of these young American prospects in particular this last twelve months has been great to see.

America once again back at the top of the world in boxing. We are not surprised. America is producing the very best of the best young fighters in boxing again.

The proof is in the pudding. Too many outstanding young fighters to mention.

Tough to beat the America style of boxing when it is at its best. Great fighters from places like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe, the UK, Australia, Canada, the Middle East and so forth too.

The USA is on its own once again worldwide however for producing the next generation of World Champions.

Philadelphia was always a great place for this back in the day in boxing for this.

Ennis showing it is once again in 2021.