Oscar De La Hoya has taken a fresh swipe at his old friend Floyd Mayweather following reports that the American is seriously considering a run in the MMA cage in the UFC.

As things stand on paper at least, Mayweather is retired from boxing with a record of 50-0 after TKO’ing Conor McGregor last August in Las Vegas.

But following a post on social media of him in an MMA cage, fans have remained cynical as ever about this supposed retirement.

That he has pulled in the past too – only to come back and fight again.

Oscar De La Hoya who has a less than cordial relationship with Mayweather over the years gave his thoughts on what the video of Mayweather meant in an MMA cage to the folks at TMZ:

“Well you said it – blah blah. It’s none of my business.”

He added:

“Floyd, you know, him and his attention. He can’t let anybody else have attention so he does this.”

He concluded:

“He’ll never fight (in the UFC).”

You’d have to think he won’t, to be fair.

He’s a 40-year-old man now retired from a sport he had done his entirely life.

Literally since he was an infant, with no formal training in MMA.

It’s hard to see how and why he would risk so much in a venture into a sport he’s never done before, at this stage of the game.

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