Defeated Blonde Boxing Stunner Lives Up To The Hype

On a great weekend for women’s boxing the fight between Shannon Courtenay and Ebanie Bridges lived up to all the hype and then some.

What a fight.

Going into the bout some had mentioned that Aussie Bridges was just good looks but once again, like her last fight, she showed her heart and fighting spirit.

Courtenay won the fight and became World Champion, showing her excellent boxing ability and use of the jab in a fight where Bridges really dug deep and fought hard too.

A stellar weekend for women’s boxing and although she lost the fight, Bridges has to be commended for the attention she brought to women’s boxing in America these last few weeks.

A credit to herself and the sport of boxing.

All the gifts. If you get past her extrovert personality, an impressive heart, character and integrity. A breath of fresh air.

America is where the big interest is at the end of the day for boxing.

Bridges’ stock will have gone up again there.

Congrats to Shannon Courtenay on becoming the World Champion this weekend.

Credit to both boxers. Both showed they were willing to suffer and endure in the match to try to get the victory.

Great fight.

Although Courtenay won big things ahead for both boxers no doubt.


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