Mayweather and Joshua Discuss The Klitschko Fight

Floyd Mayweather and Joshua discuss the recent Klitschko heavyweight title fight at Wembley and Mayweather offers pointers.

Mayweather and Joshua have been making a fair few boxing headlines this week following their first face to face meeting in the UK.

They certainly seemed to get on with one another and were complimentary on each other’s boxing skills and careers for the most part.

Mayweather at one point this weekend did say to Joshua that he’d like to bring him around to the Mayweather gym in Las Vegas, jokingly, but mentioned he’d like to tighten up his defence and make a few tweaks if he did come to his gym.

Mayweather, always on the lookout for new talent and signings of course, but not even he would be able to tempt Joshua away from his current situation and promoter in the UK.

A combination that is creating massive waves at the moment in world boxing.

In the Klitschko fight Joshua admittedly said he made some mistakes but as a guy who is still learning his craft as a professional fighter, the fact he was able to comeback and beat a man of Klitschko’s experience says a lot about his current and potential ability – surely.

Mayweather and Joshua discuss the fight here on camera, as well as areas to improve and general pointers from Mayweather to Joshua:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube – Mayweather and Joshua speak about Klitschko fight)