Son of boxing legend Nigel Benn, Conor Benn, has shown a great deal of improvement fight to fight in his start to his professional boxing career.

Both technically, mentally and physically he is starting to look like a chip off the old block.

An aggressive fight style like his father, his body shots, uppercuts, hooks and combination punching appears to be coming together.

This weekend he took out Samuel Vargas in the very first round:

A stunning display that has made many in world boxing really take notice of Benn now.

An excellent prospect and young man in the sport of boxing.

Benn’s father, Nigel Benn, is considered along with Chris Eubank, to be two of the best super-middleweights of their time.

Eubank’s son has also made a successful go of professional boxing in recent years.

Both their fathers, two gentlemen that were beaten twice each however by Irish and World Boxing legend Steve Collins.

All in all, the interesting trend of both boxing legends returning to the sport in exhibitions and their kids getting into pro boxing continues.

Both can only be positive things when in the balanced and appropriate context.


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