Renowned UFC fighter, competitive wrestler and extrovert combat sports personality Chael P. Sonnen has been on a rampage against boxing in recent times.

For those not familiar this is worth a watch:

Many will remember the boxing and mixed martial arts worlds coming together for Mayweather vs McGregor a few years ago.

At the time Sonnen was on the team for MMA on the commentary while people like Teddy Atlas represented boxing.

In recent times however Sonnen has consistently went on the attack against boxing on his podcast labelling it a “fake sport” with “no fans”.

Reprehensible perceptions.

Old Chael has been proven wrong once again this weekend.

Likable character Sonnen, also going by odd but humorous nicknames ‘The American Gangster’ and ‘The Bad Guy’, if you get past his extrovert personality, sometimes over-the-top American style of aggressive extroverted salesmanship, unusual, very odd but outstanding sense of humor, one can tell is actually a big fan of boxing really.

Some of his fight fan nuggets of wisdom are beyond reproach.

These can be found on his podcast and YouTube channel. Highly recommended.

The man from, as he says himself, “The mean streets of West Linn, Oregon” speaks about boxing regularly on it.

One gets a sense that the worlds of MMA and boxing are coming together more as time goes on.

Sonnen is a bit of a legend to be fair but one would respectfully remind Mr. Sonnen that nobody gets it right all the time and he doesn’t know everything.

Nobody does.

When it comes to boxing, it is perhaps on the crest of a wave of momentum despite the turbulent times in the world — that it hasn’t seen in sometime.

If the undisputed heavyweight title match can be made in the coming days boxing once again is back to where it once was.


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