It’s no bit of news that sporting events and everything else in the world has been in a messed up place for some time.

But as Spring is now here and as summer approaches, more and more logical reason suggests the sport of boxing at least, is going to continue to try to make the big fights.

The biggest in the heavyweight division obviously being Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.

But it’s a question of where.

If one looks at how successfully America has reacted in recent months to the roll out of various strategies to counteract the world situation, maybe the good old USA could actually be where this fight ends up.

Against all the odds right at the last minute.

It would make a lot of sense too in terms of getting Joshua’s name out there in America as he’s still not big in America just yet.

Fury and an undisputed fight would change that.

The fight itself an intriguing clash of styles and outside of the fight, an equally compelling clash of personalities.

A fight of epic proportions frankly.

But it can it be pulled off in reality despite everything?

If it did, it could potentially transcend the entire sport.


Fully restoring boxing’s rightful place in the pantheon of all sport.

We’ll have to see in the days ahead.

The fight would be bigger than boxing itself.


Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua Fight News Very Close

Tyson Fury Vs Anthony Joshua Fight News Very Close

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