Fighter called the new Mike Tyson wants to box Heavyweight Champion

Fighter called the new Mike Tyson wants to box Heavyweight Champion

Francis Ngannou, the new UFC heavyweight champion, in many circles is being called a new type of Mike Tyson.

Mainly due to his heavy-handed knockout style.

While done so in the sport of mixed martial arts with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, we spoke on here recently on how to not be surprised if some of the UFC fighters want to go onto boxing soon.

Respectfully, well, here we are. Now do you see.

Ngannou has been speaking of his wish to box heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in the future.

Joshua however would have to come through a unification with lineal champion Tyson Fury first.

The latter, in Fury, has done some kickboxing training in the past.

Another boxer who not only has trained in kickboxing, but fought in the code, is Dillian Whyte of the UK.

Whyte recently knocked out Russian Alexander Povetkin.

Whyte is being linked with Ngannou at the moment.

If they were to box, or even kickbox, perhaps going to Japan to do so would be a fruitful endeavor.

Given that there appears to be more and more boxing-related exhibitions from the likes of Floyd Mayweather going there as of late.

Either way, Ngannou looks to be a very exciting fighter to keep an eye on if he does cross over to boxing in the future.

This right here shows his punching power and solid boxing ability:


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