Floyd Mayweather, Dana White and Japan

Retired pound for pound number one best boxer of his generation Floyd Mayweather continues to make big news in the sport.

Despite being retired some years now as a professional.

These days he promotes boxers with his own promotional company but it appears he is not quite done with the exhibition tours yet himself.

In recent times many former legends of the ring have returned to boxing for exhibitions but perhaps one could trace this whole trend back to Mayweather vs McGregor.

Although that was a professional boxing match that captured the world’s attention, it was an anomaly at the time.

Unexpected, if you will.

Something that Mayweather followed up with a boxing exhibition in Japan against a kick boxer not long after.

He flattened the Japanese fighter quickly on that occasion.

It appears Mayweather, and possibly the UFC’s Dana White, are now planning something for Mayweather, and/or the UFC in Japan this year:

The ‘Rizin’ martials arts organization CEO above said the following a short time ago (Japanese to English translation):

"When I was having a meeting with Mayweather, I was surprised when Dana appeared when I was told, "I have a guy who wants to see Sakakibara from now on, so I'll call him by phone."

It's been about 15 years since I met him again.
One of the guys I wanted to meet back in the industry.
Something may be born by chance!"

The main thing here is Mayweather looks to be doing some sort of exhibition again.

Most likely in Japan.

But under what rules, against who, when or where exactly remains to be seen.


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