Teddy Atlas makes a salient point on the sport of boxing

Boxing comes in for a lot of not needed, misplaced and misguided criticism at times.

But at its root are the boxers putting in the work in the gym.

Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year.

Honing their craft, improving their fight game and trying to apply what they have learned in real-time in the ring.

Live on fight night.

Respected trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas made a good point on his podcast before when he defined fighting in life, not just in boxing, as overcoming adversity and challenge.

As in any competitive endeavor, by nature and definition, it isn’t competitive or a fight until there is resistance.

Some type of adversity. Carrying a cross over trials and tribulations, building on them, ultimately on the way to the sunshine of life.

Nothing worth doing is easy, ultimately.

One point that perhaps Atlas made stands out in particular.

Maybe not picked up on by many at the time:

“A surgeon isn’t a surgeon until he has to perform a live operation for the first time.”

An excellent analogy in terms of fighters being put into real, live fights where boxing fans don’t know who the winner is going to be.

Not in easy fights.

Many of the sport of boxing’s new, young generation have all shown their metal over the last year in particular when put under the spot light it should be noted.

Some have been affected by the inactivity of the world situation while others have taken the time to work even harder.

The latter reaping the rewards as time has gone on as the year progresses.


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