More Federal Oversight Could Be On The Way To The Sport Of Boxing

Recently, something in boxing happened that has become all too well known in the sport.

Perhaps over the last fifty years or so in particular.

Bogus judging and decisions cost a fighter big.

At the least, even if you made a case for it, which there was none, one of the judges’ should have been suspended for at least a year.

The WBA at least suspended the judge immediately.

That judge will be soon too, for a longer period, if certain things by certain people go the right way.

While we can’t say much just yet, a few weeks ago we understood there was some national oversight taking place in this regard, for problems like this in boxing, being discussed for the near future.

This is needed to be honest.


This is overdue.

As the sport continues to do well at this time, internationally, these judging decisions are like, at times, the sport taking two steps back after taking a step forward.

The point of diminishing returns and counter productive, irrational, unreasonable behavior for a sport growing around the world.

We don’t know the full picture as of yet and can’t say much at the moment — but will have more soon.


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