The Case For Same Day Weigh-Ins Returning To Boxing

As mentioned yesterday, if certain things are being discussed behind the scenes in the United States of America at the moment in terms of taking the lead worldwide once again on certain things, in terms of a national oversight in the sport, perhaps another issue should be discussed sensibly.

That of same day weigh-ins.

A feature of the sport years ago.

Nowadays often times professional boxers (and indeed professional mixed martial arts competitors) drain themselves to the point of near collapse.

The day before a bout is scheduled.

This can result in very dangerous health consequences for a professional fighter.

Respected neurological studies dealing with trauma of the brain have shown that often, intense dehydration 24 hours before a bout simply doesn’t give a fighter’s brain enough time to recover.

By the time the fight rolls around the next day.

Humans are not meant to get punched in the head anyway. They were never designed for that.

Now, couple that thought, with a professional fighter’s obviously far more lethal ability.

To then cause a blow to a human brain severely dehydrated, and sometimes tragedies can occur in the ring.

Bringing back same day weigh-ins as the same night a fight takes place would disincentivize fighters from these crazy weight cuts as they would know, then, that there would not be enough time to re-hydrate.

They wouldn’t chance it then.

Certainly something that should be looked it appropriately in due course for the new matters of business.


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