Blonde Boxing Stunner Enlists A Significant New Weapon

Some people seem to have it all and can do it all. It doesn’t happen often but certainly, it happens. Every country produces people like that at times.

Strong, smart, good looking, humble and excel in their careers with no worries at all.

Australian boxing beauty Ebanie Bridges appears to fall into that rare category of people in life.

She has taken the world by storm the last month since going 5-0 as a pro.

Crucially though, it hasn’t gone to the head of the 34-year-old it would appear.

Despite all the gifts she possesses, she appears to have a lot of common sense too.

Impressive to say the least.

As, getting overly proud could easily get her battered next up.

Her next fight against Shannon Courtenay in the UK on April 10th will a tell a lot.

For both boxers and, women’s boxing, in some ways.

While Bridges has been expert in her self-promotion, her opponent has been admirably staying quiet and putting in the work, as well.

The fight will be a step up for Bridges but she has added a significant training partner and new weapon to her preparation artillery:

Iron sharpens iron it is said. It is probably quite true.

This bright spark of light in Bridges will also need that sharp, cutting through the bone, joint and marrow type of fight mentality to be successful here.

Her opponent will be looking to rip up the script.

A good fight awaits on April 10th, roll on.

Happy Easter in advance. Have a good one.


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