Blonde Bombshell Turns Heads With New Boxing Poll

Australian women’s boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges is in the final bit of preparation for her first major opportunity in professional boxing on April 10th.

The Aussie came out of nowhere a bit this month.

Grabbing attention and shaking things up in the sport of women’s boxing.

Causing legitimate numbers to be taken seriously and keep an eye on.


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No numbers, no interest. Big numbers, commercial interest occurs in women’s boxing.

Herself, Claressa Shields and Laila Ali the only three women that bring legit numbers to the entire sport of women’s boxing in recent times.

She’s done it again now. Bridges that is.

This has caused a stir:

Wow. Plenty of fans already and growing for this Australian boxing phenom.

Her next fight on April 10th will tell a lot more.

In terms of technical boxing ability specifically.

If she were to win the sky is the limit for Bridges.

A credit to herself and women’s boxing.

Below is Bridges in action:

(Hat tip Dominick McGoldrick YouTube)


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