Professional boxers of note both retired and active often partake in what is known as sportsman dinners.

Sometimes that might also be referred to as motivational speaking engagements where boxers talk about their careers to corporate clients as inspiration.

This has long been a tradition for revered boxers both past and present.

Muhammad Ali as regarded by many as the greatest of all-time was frequently wanted in this regard.

As was another well known champion, Sugar Ray Leonard.

The latter has shared for the first time a quite brilliant moment between the two on his official Instagram regarding the photo above’s context:

“This is such a special moment in time, before I went to the Olympics or became a professional fighter. There was an awards dinner and I got a call at the last minute that they needed someone to present an award to @muhammadali . I was shaking like a leaf, I had no idea what to do at such a fancy dinner. There were so many utensils on the table I had no clue which one to grab. Then, Muhammad grabbed his bun with his hands and dunked it in the gravy and guess what… I did the same thing. Thanks Champ.”


Ali, even in that setting an inspiration to one of his fellow fighters.

Always passing on the torch one way or another, Ali.

Here is a good watch from Reznick YouTube (hat tip) on some of Ali’s best moments in the ring:


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