George Foreman Grabs Attention With Marvin Hagler Story

The boxing world and wider world of sport is still coming to terms with the passing of the great Marvin Hagler recently.

One of the sport of boxing’s iconic warriors.

His fight with Tommy Hearns an essential staple in particular in sweet science history.

Hagler, a no-frills merchant who loved his job and did it well.

A fellow boxing great in the form of former heavyweight champion George Foreman posted a story on the two that has garnered a lot of engagement:

A big difference in weight between the two above but perhaps equal size of heart.

Hagler, like Foreman, always left everything he had in the ring.

A real blood and guts fellow at times but that said, a very good boxing brain and strategist when needed.

His well known baseball hat sporting the simple word ‘War’ spoke to Hagler’s innate understanding of the term, and it all encompassed, in fighting the good fight.

Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace Marvin Hagler:

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