Boxing legend Thomas Hearns has been involved in a number of media appearances as of late following the sad recent passing of his long-time rival Marvin Hagler.

The two shared one of the greatest fights in the history of all sport.

Hearns, like Hagler, a humble man in life.

When asked by EsNews recently about who he thought would win in Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford in today’s times he was coy.

Respectfully playing things down.

He was in the presence of one James Toney however who took a different approach.

Another legend from the mid west in the sport of boxing.

A region in America where many would suggest the best fighters that ever lived come from.

The mid-West of the USA that is.

Toney took the chance to shove Hearns aside quickly and voice his opinion to EsNews saying:

“Crawford! By knockout too! Five rounds. Everybody know he would knock him out. Man, Spence can’t even spell fight. I’m being real with you. Fight somebody! (Spence).”

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