Evander ‘The Real Deal’ Holyfield is thought to be very displeased with his long-time rival, now good friend Mike Tyson at the moment.

As part of Tyson’s new ‘Legends’ tour where he is boxing former stars of the ring in exhibitions, Holyfield was believed to be next up.

Months of negotiations have been ongoing behind the scenes to make things happen.

However no end product as of yet for sport fans.


Team Holyfield have claimed Tyson would not accept a $25 million guarantee for the fight.

No comment has come from team Tyson as of yet.

Tyson appears to be involved in a number of complex business issues and opportunities at the moment.

Likely he is narrowing down what and where he wants to go.

Obviously Tyson is the guy who brings all the revenue and numbers in anything so all roads lead to him and his team.

One would have to imagine the amount of wasters Tyson and his team have to ignore, turn down and delete daily is on another level.

Tyson fought Roy Jones in November just gone in a wildly successful event.

The biggest pay per view event in boxing in many years no less.

This bout with Holyfield, even though it is an exhibition, will be much bigger.

One could expect in America alone for pay per view sales to go over two million at least.

At the appropriate price point for all combat pay per views moving forward.

Fifty dollars.

Anything more than this just isn’t going to work really for boxing fans moving forward.

Unless, only for the very rare super fights that capture world attention, then, sure, charge one hundred bucks. But they are the big ones only.

The UFC over the last decade — and Tyson vs Jones Jr. just gone have shown the correct new pricing point for big fight pay per views.

The numbers don’t lie.

You’d have to imagine they’ll get this Tyson vs Holyfield thing over the line at some point.


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