Blonde Bombshell Makes Cheeky Promise Ahead Of First Major Pro Fight

Blonde Bombshell Gives Update On Injury

Australian boxing beauty and math teacher Ebanie Bridges made waves in recent weeks.

Specifically after grabbing headlines for her fifth pro fight.

She showed in the bout that it was more than just good looks and intellect, however, and had a big heart despite her short frame.

She dug down deep to get the win and now finds herself in the first major fight of her professional boxing career next up.

A TV show against Shannon Courtenay no less.

Ahead of the fight Bridges has been all over the world already, training in Philadelphia and had a cheeky promise for the Brits by the time of the fight:

No doubt this blonde boxing stunner will continue to shake things up.

As for her next fight, it will tell a lot.

Her fight against Shannon Courtenay April 10 promises to be a big night for women’s boxing and a good fight.

Whatever the case is, even if she gets flattened, this very fun, intelligent little Australian pocket rocket has done well 🙂

For herself and women’s boxing.

Big respect and fair play.

Roll on April 10.

On a side note, great to see the upcoming Taylor vs Jonas fight being made too. Another good fight to look forward to as well.

Quick update. Recovering from some illness/bug picked up in the East. Terrible patient.

Too aggressive and snappy when sick.

Just going to recover in bed for now and we’ll be back to work on this site soon.

Natural instinct is to fight and work through sickness but that is stupid the older you get. Have to rest when sick. 33rd birthday soon, have to smarten up. Still sleeping like a baby as usual.

Feels like being painfully hammered and bloodily beaten into purified gold at the moment in this fire-like ole self development and improvement process. Ah yeah, the good ole journey of ups and downs of life. Thank you to the great Turks for their patience 🙂

Well done to myself also for not hitting anyone while sick the last few days damn bloody language barrier 🙂 Ah don’t mind me. Just some moron here. None of us perfect, all we can do suppose is try to be a better man than we were yesterday. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sick as a parrot at the moment but on the ole mend. Quick update. Ended up in minor trip to the hospital but all good. Bit out of it on meds but on the mend. Being through so many battles now, just about looking after one’s self from here on out. Epic.

Turkey and the middle East is really great. Kudos and big respect. Highly recommended. Definitely would come back here. To the middle East too. Back to the gym soon when the weather gets good please God.

Anyway. All will be grand. Great bit of boxing coming up soon to look forward to again.

Canelo vs Saunders, Ramirez vs Taylor, the show goes on.

Look after yourselves. Back soon.


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