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A Look Back At Katie Taylor’s Boxing Career On Patrick’s Day 2021

It has been around 1600 years since Patrick rid the snakes of Ireland.

Patrick is now synonymous with March 17th. Worldwide today is a big celebration festival usually in less crazy times.

Happy Patrick’s Day whether you are anywhere on the island of Ireland, America, the UK or any other country.

Not just to the 100 million approx. Irish scattered around the world. To every country. To every single person in the world. No one can judge anyone, ultimately, only God can. Including human judges 🙂 Everyone has to respect the rule of law and order though.

While Patrick is thought to have banished evil it is important from a cultural perspective to know he represented Christianity.

Which, at it’s core, is about love, hope and peace. Loving thy neighbor as thy self. To all people in all nations regardless of differences. This is a direct command from almighty God.

Being humble, kind, helping people, never holding grudges, letting them go and forgiving is at the very root of all Christianity. God is bigger than all of this. God can fight better for you than you can. Christianity, overall, a transformative self-development and self-improvement journey, ultimately, that causes a psychic shift in the brain along the journey of ups and downs in life.

Hurt people hurt other hurt people. If only they truly knew how loved they really are.

You can’t take life too seriously either at the end of the day 🙂

After all, we’re only all just passing through temporarily. This thing doesn’t last forever. If you got knocked down in life laugh it off, dust yourself off and get back up again. That’s what living life is.


Blonde Boxing Stunner Gets Her Reward After Big Win

Blonde Boxing Stunner Gets Her Reward After Big Win

Someone who knows more about this is women’s boxing sensation Katie Taylor.

One of Ireland’s modern Christian warriors has been on quite the run in recent years as a professional.

Possibly one of the best fighters and athletes from Ireland that ever lived.

This year on Patrick’s Day we take a quick look back here at what’s she accomplished so far:

(Hat tip haNZAGod YouTube)

Have a safe, peaceful and enjoyable day wherever you are today.

Look after yourselves.


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