Australian boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges proved at the weekend that she was more than just good looks and a cute face — with a big win that saw her needing to overcome hardship and struggle.

Indeed, women’s boxing upon recent inspection definitely now has legit numbers to promote it and give it more time, when possible and when resources allow, outside of the big fights and relevant action in the sport first of course.

The thing is though, all these women have their own very unique personalities. You have to get to know them individually. Listen to them more. Be more patient. Maybe not be such a pig-headed p**** sometimes.

It’s up to the relevant people to allow fans to get to know them more and help bring the different personalities out of their shells a little more. Same applies in all boxing.

For other introvert personalities the relevant people can just focus their promotion on their boxing merits and in-ring displays. Both are equally compelling and important of course.

That’s not a problem with a very fun extrovert like Ebanie Bridges of course, who kind of came out of nowhere at the weekend.

Smashing the internet numbers-wise. Eye opening and very unexpected, concededly.

She now has got her justified reward with a big fight in the UK against Shannon Courtenay on April 10:

Expect big things for this young Aussie lady in the near future. Good fight coming up and that will be the test of how good a boxer she is ability-wise.

Regardless of the outcome, this bright spark of light will have a bright future. A stunning, intelligent, pocket rocket with a great heart who has done well for herself and put women’s boxing on the map in her own unique way at the weekend.

Fair play.

(Photo credit: Ebanie Bridges Instagram)