WBA Take Swift Action Against Judge Responsible For Horrific Scorecard

The World Boxing Association may have come in for some criticism in the past but good to see Mr. Mendoza taking appropriate action after this weekend’s big fight in Dallas.

Juan Estrada defeated Roman Gonzalez via split decision.

That in itself caused controversy but one of the scorecards in particular was terrible.

It read 117-111 in favor of Estrada from one of the judges.

It has now been confirmed by the WBA that judge Carlos Sucre has been suspended for his evaluation of the contest.

Too often some of these judges get away with incompetent shoddy decisions.

All judges need to be accountable too of course.

In society the Supreme Court justice is usually the place for this accompanied by the Attorney General.

In boxing the governing bodies doing the above is a welcome move as just leaving it to the Commissions takes too long.

If more of the governing bodies implement swift reactions like Mr. Mendoza did above the Commissions will follow their lead anyway when appointing officials again for the next bout.

We must always be fair and balanced as boxing continues to improve as a sport. Fair play Mendoza. This is a good start.

Hopefully the trilogy fight, which should surely happen, will have the correct competency in place in the judges.

The post-fight interview from the much loved Gonzalez was a tough watch for many who felt he was robbed.

He showed his class and humility after the fight:

(Hat tip DAZN YouTube)