Claressa Shields Reveals Sobering Olympic Gold Story

claressa shields reveals sobering story when she won Olympic Gold

In the East at the moment and was watching TV on a foreign station and Claressa Shields popped up on TV.

Talking about fairer pay for women’s boxing and for women etc.

As you know, despise all politics of any kind with a passion. Rebuke all that garbage. Never take sides, argue, play favorites or debate anything close to political garbage.

Put politics aside and take emotion out of things. Employ logic for a second. Women’s boxing like everything in this world is a business.

For Shields to want better pay and for women’s boxing to get better pay they must do better numbers this year.

Simple. Recently this has been better though.

Shields and a few other ladies in the sport, notably Ebanie Bridges, and Laila Ali, are the only three that move the needle observed so far. But open to keeping an eye on other names doing the same as the year goes on.

These two (active fighters) therefore deserve big pay days. It has to make sense ultimately.

All that being said, this story from Shields puts things into perspective about how far she has come and what she had to go through in the beginning:

All things considering, taking into account her numbers recently, on the balance of probabilities, this particular testimony seems fair at this point:

Life isn’t fair though. That’s the way it goes. More numbers equals more opportunities at the end of the day. Shields currently has good momentum at this time and is doing really well. A big fight against Savanah Marshall or Katie Taylor needed.

All in all, women’s boxing seems to have a bit of interest again but with the caveat, that, all these women have their own unique personalities.

Unique fight styles. Unique stories.

They have to be treated with the appropriate respect as such, in terms of, marketing and growing women’s boxing accordingly — as the sport of boxing overall continues to grow concurrently.

Worth keeping an eye on if nothing else for the time being. Very good. Carry on.


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