Legendary middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins knows more than most about the sweet science.

That’s fair to say.

He knows a lot about the 160lbs division and surrounding weight classes having campaigned near them successfully longer than anyone.

The oldest professional boxing champion in history at the end of the day.

However this claim that his business partner Oscar De La Hoya making a comeback could be successful against active fighter Gennady Golovkin seems insane:

(Hat tip Marcos Villegas Twitter)

What the.

De La Hoya hasn’t boxed in a long time and is a promoter nowadays.

Golovkin is considered one of the biggest punchers in middleweight history, too.

The result of such a match could really bode negatively for De La Hoya’s health.

One could respectfully suggest.

Would it sell?


That said, there’s bad money and good money.

Anyone wanting to promote an actually legit professional boxing match involving legend’s of the boxing ring past their best need to ask themselves ethical questions.

Exhibitions are different obviously.

This would not be an exhibition bout.

Golovkin is still active and make short work of De La Hoya in a professional prize fight.


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