Boxing World Reacts To The Death Of Marvin Hagler

Some very sad news has come in. Devastating news has hit the boxing world and wider world of sport at this time.

Hall of Fame boxing champion Marvin Hagler has passed from this Earth. Aged 66.

His wife Kay confirmed on his verified Facebook page that he died unexpectedly at his home in New Hampshire.

The family are respectfully seeking privacy at this difficult time.


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This news will have hurt people around the world. Hagler had settled in Italy later at one point in life.

However, as per his wife above, he passed back home. In America.

Gutted. Wasn’t looking forward to this day anyway. Don’t like this day or the American Mother’s day on the calendar every year. Only days of the year and bloody thing in life that bothers me. All good. Went for a walk there by the local Mosque for fresh air. Very happy went to the middle East before America. Well looked after by our dear friends, like the Jewish people, the Muslims. Awesome place and people this.

For all people out there grieving regardless of nationality or differences.

This sad loss of Marvin Hagler comes as a lesson to us all. Surely. In that we must always keep looking forward. Keep it pushing. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. Hagler was right one time.

When he said sport has the power to change the world. God came for one of his great warriors in Marvin Hagler. Rest in peace champ. Enjoy heaven.

The boxing world has been grieving the loss of one of its special fighters all around the world.

A man who embodied everything good about boxing:

Rest in peace. Safe home Marvin Hagler. Gone but never forgotten.

Condolences, thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

This fight below with Thomas Hearns one that ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler won in style. Still one of the very best fights in the history of humanity.

Good fighter, indeed, this Hagler:

(Hat tip Top Rank Boxing YouTube)


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