Blonde Boxing Beauty Wins Big Making Waves For Women’s Boxing

Blonde Boxing Beauty Wins Big Making Waves For Women's Boxing

Australian boxing beauty Ebanie Bridges in an unexpected story this weekend has captured huge attention.

Not only for herself but women’s boxing overall.

A short time ago she went 5-0 as a professional in New South Wales, Australia.

She beat Carol Earl by unanimous decision.

Bridges particularly impressed as she had to come back from adversity in the contest.

The reaction so far has been considerable. Expect more of this soon:

The pocket sized blondie maybe small but showed her heart this weekend.

Impressed all the right people in what turned out to be big news for women’s boxing this weekend.

No doubt some significant people will be paying attention to her fights moving forward.

Another name to add to the growing women’s boxing sport of legit fighters.

Her full professional boxing record now reads 5-0 (2 KO).


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