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Boxing’s biggest star Canelo Alvarez has been doing the media rounds ahead of an expected fight with Billy Joe Saunders on May 8th.

Alvarez recently took out his mandatory challenger with little fuss in Miami, Florida.

It appears Alvarez and his trainer were with Mike Tyson yesterday recording a new podcast expected to drop soon which should be big.

Alvarez also bumped into one Henry Cejudo from the world of the UFC and MMA.

Apparently the latter is thinking about getting into a boxing ring according to some with Alvarez’ buddy and undefeated boxing star Ryan Garcia.

Here is the exchange between the two:

(Hat tip EsNews YouTube)

Big respect to these MMA and UFC guys in what they do in their sport.

But for any of them to step in there with a world level pro boxer in professional boxing they know they would get flattened and taken out quick.

Fair play though. Seems to be more of these guys see how well boxing is doing as a sport and want a piece. Always the way.

UFC showing more boxing now on an app too. Nice to see. No doubt they will want to try to get more well known boxers on it.

Maybe pitting some of their big stars against real legit professional boxers might get some of these MMA guys knocked out.

Definitely would generate interest if nothing else though.

Much respect to MMA and professional mixed martial artists but obviously boxing is a totally different animal and sport.

Maybe the world of unarmed combat will get a bit closer in these crazy times for the world.

Boxing out on its own as a sport worldwide internationally at the moment. More to come soon. Reality on the way soon.

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