Anthony Joshua Looks Back On Kubrat Pulev Fight Round By Round

Anthony Joshua Looks Back On Kubrat Pulev Fight Round By Round

Anthony Joshua recently recorded a win inside the distance over Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev in the UK.

Joshua has since been linked with a fight against lineal champion Tyson Fury but there is no guarantees that the fight will happen next up.

Bulgarian Pulev was underestimated by many going into the fight. Later it was revealed he was not fully healthy in preparations for the bout.

Nonetheless, Joshua did the job.

He has now had an opportunity to sit down and look back round by round on the fight:

(Hat tip JD Sport YouTube)

Very good. Class act. Good guy Joshua as always. Humble and looks to be still trying to improve. This worth a watch too following the fight:

Good point about Pulev’s jab too in the first video. European style and tough fighter Pulev.

Fury is no Pulev though and boxing is not a tough guy, weight lifting or strong guy competition. It’s not. This is game of science.

Fury has the best boxing ability and skills in the division. Heart also big factor. Joshua knows this. He knows he will have to increase his performance when they fight.


is tyson fury vs anthony joshua battle of brains vs brawn

The Tyson Fury Vs Anthony Joshua Brains Vs Brawn School Of Thought

Great fight ahead. One day whenever it happens.

As for Pulev, no doubt he will come again. Into more meaningful fights at some point.

Great to see his younger brother Tervel win by stoppage recently in Africa. Happy for him.

As for some of those little Bulgarians, if they know what it is good for them, they will surely support fellow Bulgarian guy Tervel Pulev as he bids for success this year. We’ll be keeping an eye. This guy is a good fighter.

You don’t see that with Polish, Russians or Ukrainians for example in Eastern Europe. Or in Turkey either. They always support their fighters like Adamek, Povetkin, Fedor, Usyk, Klitschkos, Lomachenko, Avni etc.

Big future ahead for Tervel Pulev.

Very good.

Support him Bulgarians. Just remember, he is from Bulgaria. Do it. Stick to it. Or else.

The win improved Tervel’s professional boxing record to 16-0-13 KO. Good heart, speed, intelligence and punching power. Improving.

Expect big things for this talented Bulgarian athlete and sportsman in the near future. Bright future ahead for him. Word to the wise. He could bring big fights to Bulgaria in the near future. This will help Bulgaria the more fights he wins.

As for Joshua, hopefully news on him and the other main fighters in the division will be forthcoming soon.

Keep the faith. Things always get better ?

Roll on.


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