Reports and sentiments from various fans have expressed concern for heavyweight champion and ‘Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury not being in a good place.

Possibly back drinking amid frustration of waiting on the big Anthony Joshua fight. And the big fights generally.

A fight that may or may not happen next up.

It is thought that Fury will fight twice this year regardless.

Everything passes and boxing matches will happen at the end of the day. The world situation continues to improve. Things always get better ya know.

It is difficult when it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel for boxers. As fighters need dates to look forward to.

Even small things however like mindfulness, breathing exercises, meditation or prayer, diet tweaks and exercise make huge differences. To one’s mindset daily that is.

Once a difficult day passes there is always better days after then. Always. It is understandably very difficult at the moment for everyone around the world. For obvious reasons.

Hopefully there will be more news soon on the big fights involving heavyweights like Fury, Wilder and Joshua.

Patience and discipline required. Not a whole lot this month big fight-wise but even still a lot to look forward to soon. A lot to be grateful for now also regarding where boxing is as a sport too.

Boxing is one of those sports that continues to prove people wrong. It always has.

Fury in recent years beat all the odds to lose an astonishing amount of weight, come back from mental health and overcome everything to regain the heavyweight championship.

This still one of the great boxing and stories in all of sport history:

(Hat tip BT Sport YouTube)

Just think of the above. Pretty cool.

No need to go off the rails again. Undoing any of that inspirational work over the years.

Just take it easy, take it handy, easy does it. No rush.

Good fight to watch tomorrow night even.


Footage Shows Tyson Training To Kill Holyfield In Third Fight!

Footage Shows Tyson Training To Kill Holyfield In Third Fight!

One involving super-middleweight champion David Benavidez. Good fighter. Maybe he’ll get the winner of Canelo vs Saunders later this year.

If anyone finding things hard at the moment maybe just get a pizza or takeout food and enjoy the boxing this weekend for example.

Everyone in the world in a tough place at the moment. Things always improve. The mind plays tricks sometimes. You control your mind at the end of the day. All work is easy work at the end of the day.

Here is the latest interview with Fury via Behind The Gloves YouTube (hat tip):


Lennox Lewis Finally Agrees With Mike Tyson On Something

Lennox Lewis Finally Agrees With Mike Tyson On Something

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