Women’s boxing star Claressa Shields is on a roll.

Inevitably gathering unstoppable momentum. All the time. More and more. Fight to fight.

A showdown with Ireland’s Katie Taylor seems like a logical fight. A great one at that.

To make later in the year possibly.

It would require, though, Shields to drop down in weight for the fight to meet Taylor half way.

Shields has said she would now take the fight for a million bucks US in various reports.

Seems very reasonable. A million bucks is nowhere near what it used to be.

If you consider Shields is the biggest star in women’s boxing too. Where boxing is as a sport overall. That’s the very least she should be looking for.

There seems to be a path to this to be made. Perhaps Shields will do what is best and appropriate in this regard.

Shields also seems like one of the many boxers at the moment, as well as people from all countries and walks of life, hinting at leaving the Twitter social media app soon:

Seems like a lot of these fighters and these celebrities fooks favor Instagram more and more now.

Ah yes, Mark Zuckerberg, no fool, anyone would have been a fool to have written him off all along.

No doubt some of these big tech companies will have to be very honest with the US Government in particular in the months ahead. As more of them continue to be under investigation for practices in smaller countries outside of where they were created. America at the end of the day. Maybe they forgot that and just how important America is in, and still for, the world.


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How they’ve treated some small people who they earn money from directly or indirectly. Especially kind people who were always quiet, humble, respectful and stuck up for them behind the scenes. Treatment through themselves or shady agencies that remarkably they still associate with. How they’ve treated other companies they work with. How they’ve treated many of their own employees. A lot of people talking down on America and Americans for a long time. No good.


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They forget what Americans have done for us all, regardless of nationality or differences and given the world over the years. Maybe they forgot that people in America don’t take any crap. We’ve said nothing all this time. Patiently watching. Investigating. Listening and ignoring all the crap people have talked about America and Americans over the years. No more. They’ll think twice next time. That’s for sure. Real respect is earned. Not given easily. No way. Nobody owes anything to anybody except themselves first.

Perhaps they forgot most of all these tech things were started in America. At the end of the day. Fook that. America the land of unlimited opportunities. Must be relentless. Opportunity is everything.

As for Shields, she won’t worry too much about these social media companies. Of course. No way. There’ll probably loads of new ones forming soon anyway. The more competition the better. Bring it on. Isn’t that what America is built on anyway. Not monopolies or duopolies. Ah. Sure. We don’t know anything.

Shields does though. She is doing really great in boxing:

Fair play to her.

Doing excellent things. Not only for women’s boxing but all of boxing.

A fight with Savanah Marshall of the UK also a big fight to be made in the future. Once again, we are only promised today. Not tomorrow. But all in all — big fights out there for Shields moving forward.

Taylor vs Shields the biggest of all. Great scrap. When it happens. Taylor deserves a big pay day too. Get her the damn coin. It could be a great clash of fight styles too. Just make it happen to the relevant morons involved.

Here is the full Claressa Shields fight from last Friday if you missed it:

(Hat tip Salita Promotions YouTube)


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