Teddy Atlas Makes A Good Point About Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier 1

The boxing world has been fondly looking back on one of the greatest ever fights in the sport’s history in recent days.

Given the fifty-year anniversary of the first Ali vs Frazier fight at Madison Square Garden.

Respected boxing trainer Teddy Atlas has raised a good point on the bout:

“Half a Century ago the World watched as Ali-Frazier battled for the biggest purse ever. But more was at stake. Their souls & conscience of a country. Frazier’s hand was raised, but Ali rose showing he possessed more than speed. Both were great& perhaps never as good again.”


Atlas makes a good point in that Ali showed a lot more in that fight than just his speed that many considered his greatest ally beforehand.

His heart and willingness to get up in the 15th and final round in the fight showed more about him than perhaps before at that point.

Awesome fighter and heart of a lion.

Heck of a guy Ali, one has to take your hat off to him for sure. Tip of the ole hat.

Here’s what happened in that final round in an epic fight:

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