Pacquiao Reveals Old Japanese Boxing License and Story To Go With It

Pacquiao Reveals Old Japanese Boxing License and Story To Go With It

People love an underdog story.

Without the struggle, there is no story.

Without the story there is no success, under any perception of what that even means.

Money, fame and glory are all fleeting irrelevant concepts, just a by product of success in the grand scheme of things.

So then, the story is at the root of all those human concepts, isn’t it then.

For Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao his tale of struggle and overcoming hardship along the way to where he is today is a well known one.

The world over at this stage. People seems to love that little Filipino guy.

But, he isn’t finished writing his book and story just yet.

He’s shared a new little nugget going back to his Japanese boxing license days in a great old photo he’s now shared on his Instagram account:

Pretty cool.

Alas, the Japanese, great people in fairness, they’ve always been fond of the Filipino champion ever since.

Pacquiao shared the following story to accompany the above post to put it into context:

“My boxing license from 1998. What a journey it’s been. Never thought I’d be able accomplish everything God has allowed me to accomplish in and out of the ring. I thank God every day for giving me the strength to make it this far.”

Come a long way indeed.

He is currently in negotiations to take on Mikey Garcia next up.

Maybe this year boxing fans will be the last one that they see Pacquiao in the ring.

Tough time at the moment for many around the world understanably but the above from ‘PacMan’ a bit of inspiration if nothing else.

Good to see some improvements happening around the world during a dark time at the moment.

On a separate note, saw that revered Canadian clinical psychologist fella seems to be on the mend. Seems a good guy. The world needs as many good people as it can at the moment. He appears to be doing well, healthy again and around his family the other day.

Great to see. Thought he’d come along with his thinking in the end, had a funny old sense he would. He’ll get there in the end. Very good.

Continue to stay safe all.

Look after yourselves and be good to one another.

Boxing eventually will be back up to frequent big fights again in the coming months. Roll on.


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