Freddie Roach, surely one of the best boxing trainers of all time.

Moreover, one of the all round good guys in boxing history.

Trainer to Filipino boxing champ Manny ‘PacMan’ Pacquiao and many of the sport’s other great names over the years.

The list of champions he’s made and worked with is too long to go into such is its impressive and lengthy chronicles.


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Roach as well though, always and still works with many young and up and coming fighters.

An offensively minded coach primarily. One of the great mentors to fighters over the years.

In a quiet weekend of not much boxing this weekend the outpour of well wishers to the Hall of Famer has hit Twitter on his 61st birthday.

A trainer who has bravely not only battled, but won against Parkinson’s disease for a long time now.

The below speak for themselves:

Very good. Great guy Freddie Roach.

While aspects of the Hollywood entertainment business may have been in decline in recent years in the world of acting for various reasons.

Hollywood a bit tainted as a place in recent years, this bright light of Freddie Roach and his gym the Wild Card is still going strong in Hollywood.

Ah yeah, that LA place, what is it again, City of Angels or something, don’t know, maybe there’s still a few angels left in the old place alright.

Roach was not just a big trainer in pro boxing either but a man who always keeps an eye on grassroots boxing and amateur boxing.


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Boxing The Most Important Sport Of All During These Times

One recalls a time in Las Vegas years ago a fighter walking through the doors of Barry’s Boxing gym saying that he was recommended to go there to see trainer Pat Barry of Las Vegas by Freddie Roach.

That particular gentleman was relocating for work at the time from California to Las Vegas and said that Freddie personally said if looking for a boxing gym in Las Vegas to look no further than Pat Barry of Barry’s Boxing.

That tells you all you need to know about Freddie Roach really.

Someone at the very heart of boxing in America itself and while he gets all the deserved acclaim for his work with world champion professional boxers, he knows everything in boxing amateur and pro, who the other best trainers are and who the up and coming amateur fighters are.

Freddie Roach is a real gift to the sport of boxing. Good fighter this Roach indeed.

His ability to persevere and still work at the highest level despite the onset of Parkinson’s disease for many years — testament to his fighting spirit.

Happy birthday Freddie Roach.

Have a good one:

(Photo credit: LucasNoonan/Freddie Roach Twitter)


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