Boxing is a crazy game at times.

That much is fair to say.

Heavyweight boxing in of itself is almost like a different sport all together.

The power some of these fellas punch with is hard to put into words.

Alas, they are conditioned to prepare and fight accordingly.

Surely a belt of a baseball bat, or iron bar, or perhaps a slap of a brass knuckle the only comparable measurement.

These two particular gentlemen almost got too carried away all together this Friday as conveyed here:

Dear oh dear.

Alas, the fight went ahead in the end.

The protagonist in question who instigated the above lost the contest thereafter:

All in a weekend of professional boxing, eh.

Wherever you are all, enjoy the weekend, stay safe, please look after yourselves and keep the faith.

People suffering a lot at the moment given the world circumstances.

That said, things will get better.

They always do.

God is good.


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Watch: Teofimo Lopez Vs Rolly Romero Sparring Footage Revealed