Boxing The Most Important Sport Of All During These Times

Lennox Lewis Reacts To Rocky Marciano and Gene Tunney Comparison

The sport of boxing perhaps possesses the most rich history out of any sport in the antiquity of humanity.

Inherently speaking to its very nature in fighting at its root core.

Done so throughout the ages to persevere, survive, overcome, adapt, evolve and inevitably become vastly popular in the public consciousness once again in 2021.

It is once more a mainstream sport today. Worldwide. Back where it used to be. Back where it now belongs again within the pantheon of all sport.

Boxing is the only sport on Earth that has grown the last year. That’s a fact of life.

Quite astonishing when you pause and reflect on it. Think about it.

Success achieved during a dreadful situation for humans and the world at large that has gone on.

This speaks to the good of boxing for all people.

A sport that breaks down barriers and doors. International in its application, distribution and deliverability.

Both at professional and amateur grassroots level:

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A sport that frequently provides opportunities for parts of society neglected and overlooked. Cracks that have been brought to light in the world over the last year in particular.

A sport that unites humanity like no other. Regardless of nation or differences.


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It provides immeasurable mental and physical health benefits unlike any other sport.

Needed now more than ever. An outlet for young people who have been locked in their homes for a prolonged period of time.

Of course frustration and problems for society were going to arise because of the world situation. Boxing offers a solution and an outlet for the youth.

During a period the world crucially needs more of the above to continue to heal and moving forward, the required mental strength and unity in all of society to protect itself as a planet in its different sovereign nations.

Boxing also at the highest level serves an important purpose for humanity.

It provides people with inspiration like no other. Alas, boxers are a special breed.

Perhaps the best thing of all about boxing is its history of great champions.

Its heavyweight champions the most revered of all.

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has received a comparison to two of the sport’s other finest champions.

A tweet and humble response indicative of all the positives of the sport.

Charting the chronologic, universal nature of the sport of boxing regardless of race, nationality or creed:

In many ways the above speaks to all of the good that boxing represents.

Done steadfastly with resolve year after year.

Decade after decade. Generation after generation. Right up to now. 2021.

It’s being almost a hundred years since Tunney.

An Irish American who’s mother was from Co. Mayo in Ireland originally.

She emigrated during the Great Irish Famine to New York later giving birth to Tunney.

James (middle name Joseph) Tunney was born to a working class Irish Catholic family in New York.

Tunney himself would settle in Connecticut later in life.

Outside of boxing he served as a marine in the American army during War World 1.

He amassed a professional record of 65-1-1-48 KO only ever losing once to Harry Greb of Pittsburgh in 1922.

Tunney was a very good fighter indeed.

He captured the World Heavyweight Championship between 1926 to 1928.

Here are some of his best moments:

(Hat tip Reznick YouTube)

Next on the list Rocky Marciano.

One of the bravest and fiercest fighters that ever lived. Not just boxing but surely in the history of this world.

Heart of a lion.

Born ‘Rocco’ Marciano was raised in Brockton, Massachusetts.

His two parents immigrated from Italy to America. His mother from Campania, his father from Abruzzo.

Marciano surely the greatest Italian-American fighter ever.

A remarkable boxer and man. A devout Catholic and a very kind and complete gentleman.

Undefeated as a professional fighter with a record of 49-0-43KO. He held the world heavyweight championship between 1952 and 1956.

Here are some of his finest moments:

(Hat tip Reznick YouTube)

Last but not least Lennox Lewis himself. Born in London, England to Jamaican parents.

He holds dual British and Canadian citizenship.

Lewis would settle later in America. A country he calls home today and where he is from.

An excellent strategist in the ring. When he chose to be. Big right hand. Great jab. Excellent foot work. He had all the tools.

His only two defeats as a professional to Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman which he would faithfully avenge later on.

A boxer who could really dig down deep, punch and fight when he needed to. As well as box. Both going forward and on the back foot.

He could tie his opponent up when needed to on the inside, counter, stick and move on the outside if needs be and go toe to toe and move in for the knockout when appropriate.

One of the greatest heavyweight champions of all-time. Perhaps one of the best boxer-puncher fight styles to ever live.

Here’s some of his best moments:

(Hat tip Reznick YouTube)


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