Watch: Claressa Shields vs Marie Eve Dicaire Fight Video Highlights

Claressa Shields vs Marie Eve Dicaire Fight Video Highlights

Claressa Shields has become the undisputed super welterweight world champion in her hometown of Flint, Michigan.

The double Olympic Gold medalist defeated Canadian opponent Marie Eve Dicaire to win all the belts.

It was a dominant victory in the end that saw her looked assured ahead of hopefully some big fights this year.

Here are the highlights below:

(Hat tip ESPN/FiteTV Twitter)

After the fight she immediately called out Savanah Marshall of the UK and offered her the fight in the US or would go to the UK.

Or the two could fight in Mexico.

Certainly an interesting bout.

Marshall who is trained by Peter Fury in the UK beat Shields as an amateur so a significant story line exists to once again meet in the pros.

Also just seeing on social media boxing trainer Peter Fury’s mother has passed.

Condolences to the family and thoughts and prayers with all. You will see her again in heaven one day. Rest in peace.

Shields vs Marshall down the road could be a great fight.

For everyone affected by the continued difficulties in the world please look after yourselves.

Keep the faith.

Things will get better. They always do. God is in control at the end of the day.

Lots of boxing to look forward to this month too.


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