Not many know that former world heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe went to the same school while growing up in New York as kids.

Two kids that would go on to become icons in boxing folklore heavyweight championship history.

In the same 6th grade class they went to school with one another it turns out.

Bowe said:

“Yeah we knew each other (were in the same class). No (not friends). He hung out with his crew and I hung out with my crew.”

On a rather inappropriate story perhaps to bring up, DJ Vlad the interviewer brought up an alleged story where a rapper by the name of U-God allegedly accused Mike Tyson (around this time when he was in school with Bowe as a kid) of ripping the earrings out of the rapper’s mother’s ears and robbing her — when Tyson was a child.

Bowe simply said of the alleged accusation:


Tyson neither confirmed nor denied the accusation but chose to take the high road now as a once again wealthy financially secure man at this point in his life:

“Well his name is U-God? You tell U-God that I’ve got the money to pay him back now so whenever he sees me tell him to ask for the money and I will give it to him.”

On the crazy times of those young days growing up in New York, Bowe simply agreed with the assertion of the volatility of the days of his and Tyson’s childhood:



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