Sugar Ray Leonard vs Floyd Mayweather? Who would have won? A pretty fun fight to consider.

Over the years Leonard has had made no qualms about intimating his conviction that he would have flattened Floyd and bust him up badly.

Of course, he would say that as a legendary fighter of the sport of boxing.

Mayweather has always been respectful towards Leonard however on his part.

Not many ever mention that.

Leonard was bigger, stronger and speed probably on par with Mayweather but out of the two welterweights one could suggest Mayweather had a much better defense and was harder to hit.

Oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history turned born again Christian George Foreman broke things down on Twitter:

Interesting that he goes with Leonard in prime and Mayweather in later stages of their careers.

Mayweather in his younger days appeared to throw a lot more combinations.

Later in his career he jacked this in essentially because he kept having hand problems after busting his hands so many times.

What a fight it would have been though.

Many will remember Leonard took on the father of Mayweather in his career which is here to see — for a stroll down memory lane:

(Photo credit: MaxBoxing)


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