World Exclusive: The Man and Woman Charged With Cleaning Boxing Up

World Exclusive: The Man and Woman Charged With Cleaning Boxing Up

Ah yes, the old Swiss.

It’s not all just cheese, banking, occasional IT investment, hotels, swiss fondue, it turns out.

These Swiss, a quirky, interesting, pretty cool bunch of humans to be fair.

The Olympic Committee which had to step into the sport of boxing entirely (after the last Olympics joke in Rio 2016) last time out is based in Switzerland.

500 or so employees there. Okay. Yeah. So.

Not anywhere near enough the size of an army they will need if they mess up boxing again this year.

While we spoke recently about not getting into the politics side of professional boxing anymore, as, it is too boring frankly.

Like all politics.

It also doesn’t do numbers and people are not interested in it.

Those bums are well regulated anyway and know what will happen anyway if they screw up.

Same can’t be said for amateur boxing though.

Amateur boxing is grassroots boxing at the end of the day.

Without grassroots boxing there is no unarmed combat at the highest level ultimately.


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Boxing The Most Important Sport Of All During These Times

Outside of certain moronic corrupt smaller nations who lost their best amateur boxing coach in history to certain larger nations in recent times.

Said people who treated him and his family him like garbage, who were not smart enough to snap him up and lost out to a bigger stronger nation, we’ll give those goons a pass.

For now.

Ah yes, we’ve been saving this little one for a while. Quite a few years. Reminds me of one Roy Keane actually. A soccer player who had a disagreement with a certain Scandinavian gentleman but bided his time patiently for many years and hit him back twice as hard years later when they met again one to one. Probably not a great thing to say to be fair but that Norwegian fool definitely thought twice after that.

This current boxing beef and grudge is specifically to do with what is happening with the Olympics this year in boxing however.

As it pertains to the rescheduled games in 2021.

The organization internationally responsible for governing amateur boxing (also in Switzerland — let that little one run around in your head for a minute) the AIBA, screwed up so bad last time in officiating boxing at the Olympics and judging (remember how those snakes screwed Mick Conlan and fighters from other countries) — that the International Olympic Committee suspended their powers.

They nearly got boxing kicked out of the Olympics all together for their troubles.

Great job you dim witted dummies.


Now, there will be a decision made next week in Switzerland regarding the running of the upcoming Olympics.

Boxing is obviously going to be under the world spot light after the last games.

Accordingly. So are these Swiss. Word to the wise our Swiss friends. You’re not safe over there in Switzerland on this one.

The woman at the IOC in Switzerland who we are lead to believe is responsible for overviewing this calamity is Linda Voigt of Geneva.

However, a brand new function in the former AIBA department which was so defunct and void of intelligence, innovation and integrity has had to be formed on boxing’s side of the deal it would appear.

That comes in the form of Russian Umar Kremlev.

Formerly of the Russian Boxing Federation:

Okay Umar. Congrats on the job. Just don’t mess this up or we are sure Mr. Putin will sort you out bloody damn quick if you do.

Just remember one thing.

The two of ye actually, listen little Russian man and little Swiss girl, Umar and Linda.

Please don’t screw things up with boxing at the Olympics this year. We know you won’t be that stupid of course. Very important.

Very good. Carry on. Kind Regards.

(Photo credit: Linda Voigt and Umar Kremlev Twitter)


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