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Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Chris Arreola Location Update

Former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz has now confirmed his next fight and first one of 2021.

He will take on fellow Mexican-American Chris Arreola on Fox pay per view on April 24th.

Pretty cool.

Ruiz has been back taking things seriously again and training hard.

During his career Ruiz has often struggled with his eating and always being up and down in weight in life but he is in a great place now it would be appear mentally and physically:

Time is a great equalizer and one could suggest that Ruiz is now coming into the prime of his fight career now.

Without doubt capable of challenging again for a world title and certainly to win one, and then some, if he wants to.

Obviously Arreola isn’t where he used to be and this will be a fight Ruiz is expected to win but styles make fights and Chris Arreola won’t back down and will fight to the death.

That in itself will make this a fun fight to watch and very much one to look forward to.

Look, is it pay per view worthy. Don’t know. Ruiz is a very big name now in Mexico and America that time after flattening Joshua and style wise great fight.

Business is business. Sufficient monetization required for optimization of these events to pay the boxers at the moment. Particularly during these times.

Hopefully more crowds back soon will help this but as a sport boxing is beating the living snot out of all other sports at the moment worldwide.

More to follow.

Not to mention on this fight, the all-Mexican nature of the battle which will create huge interest among Mexico and Mexican-Americans.

In general though, for all boxing fans, too.

The styles of both these guys getting in there and throwing leather until one man hits the deck will equate to a good evening of scraps at the least.

The card is expected to have a heavy Mexican influence supporting the main event, obviously.


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But don’t be surprised however too if a touch of Mexican-Puerto Rican influence is also on the card featuring some prospects such as undefeated nephew of Tito Trinidad Joey Borrero (7-0-7 KO) from Las Vegas.

He posted on social media the other day that he returns on the same card for his PBC debut April 24th.

He mentioned that it will be in Washington but didn’t confirm if city or State for the card will be on April 24th. Nothing set in stone just yet. Caveat Emptor. Word to the wise.

Everything is subject to change of course but still, boxing in America’s capital would be huge for the entire sport if this gets confirmed in all channels shortly.

The fact however the capital of America is even being looked at for the sport of boxing sends a huge message across the country. And the world. Solidarity and togetherness of all Americans.

Take that to all the naysayers of America and Americans around the world these last few years. Last decade really. We’ve quietly observed, being patiently investigating all this time but of course never paid any attention to. Analysis complete.

Nah. Fook that. Better luck next time.

Boxing is in a great place around the world. In all nations. Boxing strong in America again helps everyone for very obvious reasons around the world. Reality on the way soon.

This will likely be on a card that will feature a lot of Latin Americans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

Really expanding the sport now in cities and towns right across the country on such a gigantic conglomerate company Fox. Them, DAZN, Showtime, Triller, ESPN all in boxing now. Great for the sport and boxers.

This is great to see indeed for all of the sport of boxing. Most importantly for the boxers getting in there exchanging punches and risking their lives and health for people’s entertainment during a difficult time for most people in the world.

As for the politics side of things, moving forward, we won’t be acknowledging any of it whether the promoters, managers or platforms and sticking purely to the big boxing stuff and grass roots boxing. Anything else too pointless and energy draining. Can’t get motivated after viewing politics in anything. Too boring.

Just can’t respect it, or for the life of me, take any politics at all seriously anymore, too much bull. Adios. Also, ironing out final allergic reactions to so many things I’ve had, made the mistake of drinking a cup of coffee earlier and excruciating headache straight away again after just one cup of coffee. Same with one cigarette. Can’t afford to make a mistake with diet again. Painful. Just water from here on out or hot chocolate. Can’t have red meat or one cigarette even, same result. Terrible eyesight too glasses don’t work anymore constant head aches if not rested, defo getting the laser eye surgery later this year, no choice now.

Anyway, boxing in America coming along nicely at the moment, had a funny old sense it might.

Very good.

Official news confirmed soon on venue.

Boxing has hit the ground running a little later than usual this year.

After a slow start in January.

Up and running now though. Good.

Much more to come soon.

Roll on more fight announcements soon despite the world situation boxing is in its own league the moment kicking down doors as a sport worldwide.


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