Some people are never happy and are clearly unhappy with their own lives so much to feel the need to discredit others.

Snakes. No good. There’s ways to deal with them.

Always jealous and hating on others who have put in years of work to get where they are.

Jealousy is an illness. Get well soon to those who suffer from it.

Yesterday was huge news for two boxers in the sport.

Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos both signed life changing contracts.

After a new player in the boxing game with plenty of real damn money out bid two old timer promoters in the industry.


Ray Leonard, De La Hoya and Mayweather React To Tiger Woods News

Ray Leonard, De La Hoya And Mayweather React To Tiger Woods News

Tough. Change inevitable in the boxing industry. Put up or shut up.

That’s business. He who pays the most money in business wins.

No need to make a song and a dance. Plenty of people out there walking around with money that no body even knows about.

Respectful people who mind and handle their damn business.


Fair play to Teofimo Lopez for backing himself like he did.

Him and Kambosos can enjoy the fruits of their labor after their upcoming bout on new platform Triller. More fighters doing so than ever before.

Lots of money at the highest level in boxing now. Great to see for the boxers.

The platforms involved online in the boxing industry are significant now.

Digital platforms only going to get way bigger and way more powerful in the sport.

Dead right, the more choice and opportunities for boxers to get exposure and earn money the better.

Maybe we’ll have to start streaming fights on here soon, really fook things up, yeah, yeah, that’s what we might do, fook it.

I know. I know. Have to be more professional and stuff. Yeah, yeah, got ya. Really don’t give a fook, just bored and waiting to get started with this work properly shortly. About time.

Excuse my odd sense of humor.


Bitter Reaction To Teofimo Lopez and Kambosos Money Predictable

Bitter Reaction To Teofimo Lopez And Kambosos Money Predictable

Seriously though. This is the beginning of big things online for the sport.

Most importantly great for the boxers.

They are the ones getting in there exchanging digs and sacrificing what they do.

Risking what they do. The reality is most of them struggle and only a few ever make it to the big time.

This is just the beginning though of big things online for boxing. Watch and see.

More choice for the boxers and more opportunities for fighters to earn money for the risks they take and years of work they put in.

The boxers know this now and are getting their fair market value.

As per anyone’s legal right to do.

God knows they have gone through enough and taken enough damn risk to do so.

It will be interesting to see where Lopez goes after.

He could easily go back to ESPN it should be noted, likely could.


Huge News For Teofimo Lopez On Platform That Showed Tyson vs Jones

Huge News For Teofimo Lopez On Platform That Showed Tyson Vs Jones

Some have suggested his promoter Bob Arum and Top Rank were not happy they lost the purse bid.

Didn’t see that though.

Checked an interview from ole Arum this morning.

He seemed very happy for the guy to be making that kind of money. Nice to see.

Fair play. Good to see people wishing well on others. It comes back to ya if ya don’t. Don’t worry about that.

Nothing worse than seeing people jealous of others. Can’t relate to that mentality.

Fair play to these two boxers. Huge news for them and for the entire sport.

Watch and see. Boxing in a great place as a sport.

All credit to the two boxers Lopez and Kambosos. Great bit of business.

Right on.


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