How Golovkin Paved The Way For New Generation In Kazakhstan

How Golovkin Paved The Way For New Generation In Kazakhstan

Gennady Golovkin has come a long way since moving to America and teaming up with excellent promoter Tom Loeffler in California.

Via his now GGG Promotions company.

One of the sport’s great middleweights it could be noted.

A middleweight in his prime as fearless, powerful and relentless as they came.

Underestimated boxer too when he wanted to be.

A superb ambassador for boxing as a sport too.

Granted, Canelo Alvarez is the new man at middleweight now.

Perhaps Golovkin is slightly on the decline.

That said, there’s still one or two big fights out there for him before he calls it a day.

If he wants them. Surely.

The benefits of what he achieved in the sport has now paved the way for the new generation in Kazakhstan this weekend.

There is a solid card taking place there this weekend that will be shown live on the ESPN plus app in America.

An app continuing to grow by the day.

By far bigger than any other sport app in America at the moment. By a country mile.

Very impressed with them indeed, would like to see them push boxing a bit more in it though. Looks like they are getting the mix right now.

Two-time World Championships silver medalist Kamshybek Kunkabayev from Kazakhstan one of the main names to watch for this weekend over there.

A whole host of new ones too however. All inspired by what Golovkin achieved.

He never would have got where he was ultimately or got the real money or life he has now, if he didn’t move to America at the end of the day.

If he had took the safe, easy, risk-free road and stayed where he started out he never would have got what he has now. Never.

Once he established himself and his family in America — where his career and work is at the end of the day.

First and foremost.

But, look at the long-term positive consequences he has caused in his homeland now.

Damn, some parasites just always want something without putting in no years or decades of work themselves. Never see the big picture, ain’t got no sense.

Only thinking about themselves in the here and now.

Yeah, life can end at any second but good to have short-term plans before you check out for good and change them, all the time, on a daily basis, if needed.

Golovkin knew this all along.

This new generation in Kazakhstan following in his footsteps as evidenced by this weekend.


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