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Happy fight week people.

Locked and loaded and ready to roll — should be fun to see this week’s events in boxing unfold.

Pound for pound don Canelo Alvarez returns to action this weekend in Miami, Florida against Turkey’s Avni Yildirim of Istanbul.

While Canelo maybe expected to beat Avni he knows he can’t afford to overlook him or take his eye off the ball.

Upsets can and do happen.

Particularly in recent times in boxing, in that, they have illustrated inactivity, ring rust and a lack of mental focus due to the world situation has caused unexpected results to occur.

Alvarez will be too professional for this though.

No messing around.

Here he is keeping his tools sharp and showing solid speed and reflexes:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Very good.

Speed kills. Very true indeed.

Very, very true.

Alvarez is coming off strong momentum in recent years and at 30 years of age is only just starting to come into his prime in the coming years ahead.

An awesome fighting machine.

He has shown he’s still improving all the time and this weekend is a big opportunity to convey it once again.

Should he win, he is expected to take on Billy Joe Saunders next up later in the year.


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