Stunning Statistic Makes Adrien Broner Judges Look Even Worse Now

Look, the judging at the weekend in the Adrien Broner vs Santiago fight was farcical in some regards.

What where some of those goons thinking.

Indeed, the sport has had a number of questionable judging errors in recent times during the world situation.

What the fook some of these imbeciles are looking at is beggars belief, really.

Look, my eye sight is shocking in truth, terrible even, but even Ray Charles could have seen through some of these recent ones.

Alas, Broner at the weekend according to Compubox did not land a single punch in round one.

Yet, remarkably, two of the three judges scoring the bout gave him round one on their cards.

What a joke.

Broner won on unanimous points decision in the end but was lucky according to many.

He’ll need to knuckle down for his next bout.

As for the judges, look, bloody human error is always going to be there in anything that is subjective without the use of machines.

Frankly I’d prefer machines people always let you down.

Bloody annoying loveable humans, flawed, that’s just the way the humans are.

Hopefully things can get back on track with the big fights having more consistent judging across the board on both sides of the pond.



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