Adrien Broner and Oscar Valdez TV Viewing Number Results Are In

Adrien Broner and Oscar Valdez TV Viewing Number Results Are In

Viewing numbers of this past weekend’s boxing are in.

Mixed bag.

On ESPN for the Oscar Valdez world title card in Las Vegas things looked fairly solid for a card of that nature:

(Hat tip Carlos Toro Twitter)

Not bad.

However, Adrien Broner’s numbers, the biggest star who was in action last weekend didn’t do good on TV at all it seems:

Those are worrying to be honest and perhaps a symptom of a highly dysfunctional industry at the moment.

That said, all professional sport is in a screwed place at this particular time due to the world situation to be fair.

That’s a fact of life.

The above numbers for Broner now proof this sport is a digital one in many ways.

We’re seeing big numbers online recently and that above for Broner on linear not stacking up with trends we’re tracking.

Digital has taken over now.

That also said, still a place for linear on ESPN and Fox it seems going off their recent numbers.

Particularly Fox.

I’d like to see ESPN push the sport a bit better though with their power, Top Rank (promoters) doing a lot of the heavy lifting at the moment, and a fine job at that.

Things have changed now as pertaining to distribution of boxing between linear and digital platforms.

Broner’s big pay days simply won’t be there if those numbers are totally accurate above for his TV drawing power moving forward.

Simple as that.


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