Adrien Broner Reveals How Much Money He Had Going Into Santiago Fight

Adrien Broner Reveals How Much Money He Had Going Into Santiago Fight

Adrien Broner is waking up a winner in the ring again today.

That said, after a very lack luster display at the weekend.

Hopefully he’s straight back in the gym today training hard.

Speaking after the fight he said of what his situation was going into the Santiago fight at the weekend.

In typical ‘AB’ fashion as it were:

“See, that’s the thing. That’s the thing. It is a different AB. It is. It is. It is. What happened was – I only had thirteen dollars coming into this fight. We flipped that into about thirteen million. So a lot of things are going to change. Listen. Listen. I ain’t going to lie. For the rest of the weekend we going to pop bottles, cash checks and have sex but on Monday it’s back to kicking *** and hitting bags though. Real talk.”

Okay Broner.

That last sentence perhaps the only thing of any substance and credibility there.

Just remember the career of a pro boxer is a very short one Broner.

One would hope he sticks to the changes he is making. Taking his career seriously again.

He’s still a big name in the sport.

As such he’ll find himself in big fights inevitably.

One would hope he takes that responsibility more serious.

Even just a small bit.

Likely you’d have to expect he will go to super-lightweight or even lightweight again down the road.

For those that missed the fight at the weekend check out the Broner vs Santiago full fight video highlights here:

(Hat tip PBC Boxing YouTube)


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